Friday, September 26, 2008

Winter is here

I would first like to apologize for my amazing ability to be a slacker. Haven't been posting as often as I should. IT stole my computer for a week and had a lot of catching up to do.

Monday was the fall equinox and we are now losing ten minutes a day of sunlight. It really is making a huge difference. By 9:00 last night it was already dark. All week it has been snowing on and off, but today it really started to snow and stick. I just ran home for lunch and thought I'd be blown over by the wind. It's cold, too! It's a good thing that my boots came in, so now I'm set. Bring it on winter, I'm ready!

I'm spending more and more time at school now. Janey and I have the store up and running. We open it during night rec, which is a time for kids to come use the gym to play in, and we are making a lot of money off of their sugar addictions.

This afternoon, for everyone's entertainment, we are having a staff vs. students soccer game. I'll be in there, making quite a laughing stock for everyone to see. We also are having a volleyball game tomorrow, and you better believe I'll be playing then too. Anything to keep myself occupied.

We also recently received all of the student laptops for the year. Our school is part of the Apple One-to-One program, where every student, grades 4th and up, get their own laptop to use for the year. I'm loving the fact that I can get everyone motivated enough to do their work on the laptops. It's a really great tool and the kids seem to enjoy it too. It's even better since we don't have to fight over computer lab times, or who get the laptop cart when. Everything is right there in the classroom.

That's about all the excitement up here on the North Slope. Can't wait to see what next week brings. I may have the opportunity to go to Fairbanks next weekend for a class. I sure hope I can because it's about time to get out for a short while.

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