Monday, September 15, 2008

All I Know, I Learned From McDonald's

Saturday was the grand opening of our student store, which Janey and I run. Talk about hectic. We had ordered in about 24 cases (24 packs) of a variety of soda, as well as chips, burgers, pizzas, corn dogs, and other delightful snacks. During our four hours open we were able to make over $600.00. I was amazed.

Our opening coincided with the first Saturday Sale of the year. Think of it like a giant yard sale held in the gym. People donated items to sell at the sale to raise money to fund the students trip to AFN, which is the conference for the Alaskan Federation of Natives. Students go every year and it is a pretty big deal. Proceeds from our store also go to help pay for travel. It was great to see the massive amount of community support for these kids.

During the sale, we decided to make hamburgers to sell for $6.00 a plate, a hamburger, chips, pop, and a pickle. I manned the grill since I have so much expertise in that area. I spent four hours flipping burgers and ended up making 60 of them. Apparently I make a pretty good burger, which was a huge relief. It this teaching thing doesn't work out, at least I have a promising future in the food industry.

In addition to these two fundraisers this weekend, the kids going to AFN held a movie night on Sunday. They cooked pizzas and charged admission to the movie. It was a great way to make money, but unfortunately they thought the store should be open too. Janey and I had decided to not open the store because it was Sunday and we deserve a weekend too. What a stupid idea that is, that teachers deserve a day off. I have no clue what I was thinking. Janey had gone to the movie but ended up leaving since kids were pestering her about it the whole time. I completely understand why she would leave. These kids can be relentless. A few hours later, during the second movie of the day, Janey got a call at home. Some of the parents had called the school and demanded that the store be opened. I couldn't believe it. She ended up opening the store just so they would stop bugging her about it. People here have their own way of doing things. It's like dealing with a bunch of five year olds who grew up on the East coast. They always get their way and whine like little brats if they don't, keeping it up until they do.

Our supplies after this weekend: 6 cans of coke, a 24 pack of Sprite, and 4-12 packs of A&W Root Beer, as well as half a box of chips.

Guess I'll have to order more pop next time.

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