Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Escape

This weekend I made a break for it. I got the opportunity to go to Fairbanks for a class, which was super worth right there, but the best part is that I was able to go shopping, eat in a restaurant, and hit the bars. It was a wonderfully eventful time thanks to Buddy, my roommate's boyfriend. He took me around the city and loaded me up with stuff to take back to Jen. I really had a good time seeing people and almost went into shock when I walked into the local Wal-Mart. There were more people checking out then I see in a typical day.

As for life in the tundra, we got our first substantial snowfall. On Thursday, we got got dumped on. In the morning, on my walk to school, there was a light dusting everywhere. My walk home was a little more difficult and by that evening the kids had their snow machines running. It was October 2nd.

Technology in the bush is a touchy thing right now. After being without computers for a week, we got them back. Our newest dilemma is the lack of internet all together. All of last week we could not get onto the internet. It was all over the village as well. When called to ask about the situation, GCI told us we were not high on their priority list and there's no telling how long we'll be without it. Wonderful.

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