Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Return to Alaska (for good this time)

At the end of July my mom and I made the trek up here to do a little bit of sightseeing of the more beautiful parts of Alaska. We made a four day stop down in Anchorage and saw some amazing sights. The more southern part of the state is green and lush, with mountains rising all around. It is absolutely gorgeous.

After emerging from the plane, we went directly down to baggage claim, picked up our luggage, and then tried to find somewhere to stay. We didn't make reservations because we were unsure of exactly where would be the best place to stay. Boy, were we ever in for a surprise. You can't find a hotel for less than $200 a night. It was outrageous. Being the thrifty people we are, we decided to inquire at the information booth to see if there was something more in our price range. The nice woman there offered a few options, one being a new hostel built near downtown. Mom wasn't as down for it as I was, but I quickly convinced her that it is actually probably quite safe a clean. Heck, for $60 for a double private room per night, how could you go wrong?

The hostel was very reasonable and decent, the perfect place to stay if you really aren't looking for luxury. During our stay, we visited the Sourdough Mining Company and watched the show there *cough*rip-off*cough*, took a train to Seward, went on a glacier cruise, and had my first real bush teacher experience. When you live in the far reaches of the northern tundra, you don't have much access to a grocery store. No more late night ice cream runs for me. In order to get food, you must go to Sam's Club or Fred Meyer and place a bush order. This consists of filling up your cart(s), making your purchase, and crossing your fingers that it gets there before Christmas. Still waiting for my food, by the way. This order usually costs just amount in shipping as it costs for the merchandise price. Little insane. Also, note to anyone considering doing this, buy from Fred Meyer. They are always a better deal, as I quickly found out.

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