Friday, May 7, 2010

Another Year Ends

One more year has come to a close on the North Slope. Today was our last day of school and as we said good bye to the students for the summer, I thought about how much they have grown over the past two years that I have been at this school. I feel so lucky to be a part of their lives and also to have had this opportunity to be a part of such a unique community.

Next year will bring about many changes to our school. Our principal for the past two years is leaving us to begin her retirement and that will be very difficult for most of us. She has definitely effected the way that I developed as a teacher since she has really helped guide me in the early years of my career. We do welcome our in-coming principal and are all excited to see what she will bring to our school.

There is also quite a bit of moving around happening in our school. Next year I will once again go back to teaching a 6th/7th grade self-contained classroom. This rowdy group of 13 should be quite fun as I have had the same crew for this past year. Neal, my fiancee, will also be changing his teaching assignment to cover the kindergarten/first grade classroom. He will have quite the group tots that should be loads of entertainment for us all. We're both very excited to be returning next year to work with these kids.


yohman said...

Hi Lindsay,
I have been looking into getting a teaching position on the North Slope, somewhere. Your school district is actually hiring. We (my husband and I) have been talking about moving there for a few years now. I was wondering of you can give me some information on the school district, pay scale, housing, and stores in the area. I have so many more questions also. Please contact me at I am really trying to make an informed decision so as not to waste the schools time. Thanks.

Arin said...

Fun pictures and stories. I just randomly came upon your site while searching Alaskan Bush. All the best for a wonderful, soon to be, end of another school year, and a great summer.


New York City

Hannah Jean said...

Hi Lindsay! I really enjoy your blog! I've spent some time in the Bush but I am currently living and teaching in Juneau. Your blog has really inspired me to get back into teaching in the more rural areas in Alaska though. NSBSD seems like a great place. I don't know if you ever check this but if you do, give me a shout! Would love to learn a bit about it from someone who has been on the front lines of education. Thanks for sharing your stories :)